Monday, August 29, 2016

Wool & The Gang - Fearless Cardigan

I've had this obsession with Wool & The Gang ever since I came across their website. I finally treated myself to one of their projects - this gorgeous Fearless Cardigan

This project is perfect for beginners. I knit this and did the finishing all in one day.
No joke. Just one day.

If you want a sweater to impress and you want it fast- knit this!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

4 Ways to Style the Overall Dress

Overalls are showing up more and more - whether it's the traditional overalls, overall shorts, or my personal favorite, the overall dress! Though the overall dress may seem like a spring or summer piece, it's actually perfect for all seasons and can be styled endless ways. Here's how I style my overall dress (without breaking the bank)! 

For Spring I went simple with a floral t-shirt underneath my overall dress. Floral patterns are perfect for spring and add a nice contrast. I don't know about you but the second warm weather begins I'm ready to get the perfect shave and free my legs from those restricting tights, leggings, and jeans. 

$27 Overall Dress -  Forever21 
$15 Floral Shirt - Forever21

Check out this link if you're looking to purchase an overall dress:

For Summer I went minimalistic with a grey tank and comfy grey leggings under the overall dress. I love this look because I'd wear it for so many occasions - shopping. out to lunch. I'm also planning a road trip for this summer and I think this is a perfect road trip outfit. 

$10 Grey Tank - Old Navy
$5.99 Grey Tights - Forever21

Check out this Pinterest board for more inspiration:

My Fall look is more sophisticated! I went with a black turtle neck leotard over black tights. Leotards are back in style and are perfect for under overall dresses! The loose nature of the overall dress can cause shirts to bunch underneath. Avoid this annoying occurrence by investing in some cute leotards! 

$15 Leotard  - Forever21
$10 Tights - H&M

Here is some leotard/bodysuit inspiration:

Who doesn't love a good striped shirt? For the winter look I paired my dress with a long-sleeved shirt and burgundy tights for a nice pop of color. This look will go great with boots and a sweater to keep you nice and warm! 

$21 Striped Shirt - Forever21
$10 Burgundy tights  - H&M

Find a little more outfit inspiration here:

Now go rock your overall dress! 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Rose Gold Balayage

My hair has basically been the same for years and I've really been wanting a change. But, of course, I refused to cut my hair haha! I also love my natural hair color. I've been seeing these rose gold balayage highlights though on Pinterest and I couldn't resist.

Here's the result. I'm in love. It's just the perfect amount of change but it still looks natural.

Monday, December 21, 2015

3 Christmas Hairstyles to Help You Stand Out

This lovely hairstyle is incredibly easy to achieve! Simply create a top-knot bun and place a mini wreath over it. You can find some gorgeous mini wreaths here:


For this hairstyle, I twisted my hair back on both sides. I then created a twisted, low bun and used bobby pins to hold. I tucked the holly into my bun and used bobby pins to secure it. 

This is my personal favorite! For this hairstyle I twisted my hair to one side and then created a side-braid. I then twisted the braid into a bun. I used a garland that is usually used to decorate our Christmas tree! I secured it in my hair with a bobby pin. 

 I hope you enjoyed these lovely Christmas Hairstyles!

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Mustard Cable Knit Scarf

Just thought I'd show off this beauty! Available on Etsy

This lovely mustard yellow scarf has a cabled pattern and can be worn multiple ways. 

-Hand-knit with chunky yarn
-75% acrylic, 25% wool 
-stretchy and fits both men and women 
-comes from pet-free & smoke-free home
-machine washable on gentle cycle, lay flat to dry

Monday, November 16, 2015

Quick Knit Gifts

Christmas is only a month away! We're running out of time to knit - too many projects, too little time. If you're like me, then you like to knit gifts for your whole family and friends too. The key is  getting everything done in time. Below I have my go-to projects for when I'm tight on time. These are all knitting projects that shouldn't take more then 2 days to complete (if you're committed)!

Cable Knit Headband
This is a gift most girls would LOVE to receive! I can whip up one of these headbands in two hours. I sit down to watch a movie and by the end I always have a headband finished. 
Find the pattern for sale here:


Knit Ornaments 
I love making these as gifts for friends. I can make one ornament in about an hour. Once you memorize the pattern it's really easy to whip up a set of them. 
You can purchase the pattern here:

Knit Coasters 
These knit coasters are so easy you don't really even need a pattern. I use cotton yarn for these and knit a simple square with a boarder. You can knit a set of four within a day. 


Knit iPhone Case 
I always have left-over yarn from my headbands so I started making these. This is a great pattern to use up left over yarn. I can finish one of these cases in a day. They are super cute and great gifts. 

Drawstring Christmas Bag 
I knit a few of these last year and gave them away with gifts inside. I love knitting these because they require minimal sewing and can be completed in 2 days. They are perfect bags for giving jewelry or ornaments. 
Find free and simple knitting instructions here:

Cable Knit Cowl
I just finished the pattern for this cowl since it has been so popular. I can knit this in 2 days - if I'm determined. If you're more chill this pattern could take you up to 4 days. If you have lots of time to spare, it's a great last minute gift. 
Buy the pattern here:

Friday, November 13, 2015

Cable Knit Cowl Pattern

Here's the third cowl I added to my Etsy shop. I knit this cowl with a super soft, non-pilling acrylic yarn.  You can purchase the scarf here:

This Cable Knit Cowl Pattern is a great project as Christmas approaches. The scarf can easily be finished in a few days and is a great gift. The pattern involves cabling and a three-needle bind-off. If you aren't familiar with these techniques - don't worry! The pattern includes links to tutorials so you won't get lost. I can finish one of these scarves in 3 or 4 days. If you are determined it could easily be finished in 2 days. 

You can purchase the pattern here:

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