Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wild Blackberry Cobbler

During this time of the year I always make cobbler with wild black berries we have in our backyard. This year, I tried a new recipe and it was amazing! I made this with gluten-free flour. I also added more vanilla extract to the crust and I didn't add lemon zest to the berries. I will definitely be making this again soon!

Here's the recipe:

Monday, June 24, 2013

Tips for Knitters: Knitting on the Go

If you're anything like me, you hate taking a whole week off from knitting. I feel the need to be creative every day- even when I'm on the go! Here are some tips for those who love to travel and want to take their knitting projects along for the ride!

1) Try to take the minimum amount of supplies needed

I always try to keep my knitting supplies at a minimum when I'm traveling. I try to only take what I know I will use. If I'm knitting a shirt but I know I'll only be able to finish part of it, I'll leave the rest of my yarn at home.

2) Take supplies that won't easily get lost

When I'm traveling, I tend to leave my projects that involve four or five double pointed needles at home. Instead, I often bring my chunky round needles; they are connected and big so they won't easily get lost. I also don't bring any projects that'll need sewing.

You can buy round knitting needles here: TrickyKnits

3) Bring simpler projects 

I always bring simpler projects when I'm on the go. The best are ones that you don't need a pattern for. But if you do need a pattern, write it on a small piece of paper and keep it with your supplies.

4) Have a specific bag just for your knitting

You should have a specific bag just for knitting supplies when you travel. If I try to pack supplies amidst other things, I always lose something or my yarn gets all tangled (not pleasant). I know people who have even knitted themselves a knitting bag!

Here's a store on Etsy that has the cutest knitting bags: KellyConnorDesigns

5) Use a hair tie to keep your yarn together. 

Whenever I have a ball of yarn that keeps coming undone and getting tangled, I tend to put a hairband around it. This way it all stays together while your moving about. I'm pretty sure there's nothing worse than trying to untangle a bunch of yarn. (You could also use a rubber-band)

6) Invest in a pair of small folding scissors

This little pair of scissors has been extremely handy when I'm traveling. They fold up so you don't have to worry about them poking anything and they are small so they take up little space.

You can purchase them here:

7) Knit while you're getting to where you're going

If you aren't the one driving, then you can always knit in the car. I always do this on long car rides. If you're on a plane or train (and you aren't afraid to knit in public) then you can knit there too.

8) Treat your knitting like a book

I often treat my knitting projects like a book. We all know those people (or are those people) who constantly have a book with them and no matter where they are, they'll read it. Do the same with your knitting. This way, you'll get lots done while you're away from home.

I hope these tips will help you know what supplies to take when you travel, how to travel with your supplies, and how to get the most done while on the move!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Knit Pouch

So I finally started using my sewing machine (after two years of intimidation) and it's not as hard as I was thinking! Here's the first thing I've sewn that is nice enough to actually show you. Next time I think I will add a zipper and start selling them. I especially love the floral cloth I sewed on the inside!

First Engagement Pictures

So a few weeks ago I had the privilege of taking my brother's engagement pictures. We took them at Mueller State Park in Colorado.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Colorado Finds

Here are some of the lovely things I brought back with me from Colorado.

First, I got a great deal on an Impressionism book at this adorable Coffee and Books shop (in Fort Collins, Old Town). The shop was full of used books and the whole place smelled like delicious coffee! 

Next, I got this pretty note book at a garden shop. It was full of garden decor and cute gifts.

At another book store, (right next to the BEST tea shop) I got this Van Gogh calendar. Who cares if it's half way through the year? This was too hard to pass up (and it was on sale).

Then, I purchased this gorgeous peach pink dress at a little boutique called GG's. This is my first maxi dress and I love it. 

I also brought back some beautiful Colorado wild flowers. Below are some Indian Paint Brush and Blue Bells. 

I Miss the Mountains

I've only been gone from Colorado a day but I already miss the mountains! 

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