Monday, November 4, 2013

How to Properly Wear a Slouchy Hat

I pretty much live in slouchy hats during late fall and winter. Two questions I'm always asked are: "How are you supposed to wear slouchy hats?" and "How you do keep your slouchy hat from falling off?"

I do think I happen to have a good head for slouchy hats…and I have good posture so they stay on very well.

BUT, I do have a great trick for people who have trouble keeping their slouchy hats on. Also, these pictures should help you with knowing how to put slouchy hats on properly.

(Note: I'm not saying this is the ONLY way to wear a slouchy hat! This is just how I prefer to wear this style of hat.)

1) Hook your thumb around the rim of your slouchy hat

2) Put your hat behind your head 

3) Tilt your head back and slowly pull your slouchy hat on 

4) Pull your thumbs down the rim of the hat and pull the hat over your ears. 

5) Grab two bobby pin

6) Insert a bobby pin into each side of your head. Guide the bobby pin so it goes through the hat and your top layer of hair. Make sure to avoid snagging your hat and make sure most of the bobby pin is inside the hat.

7) Tilt head back to make sure hat is secure. 

You're all done!

If you like this slouchy hat, you can actually purchase it here:


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  3. Thank you. I KNEW bobby pins had to be involved. My hat kept falling off, much to my frustration. I was wondering why everyone else's were staying on.

  4. I always had to wear mine with Bobby pins. It would fall. Off my. Head otherwise like my head was too big for the hat lol.


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