Saturday, February 16, 2013

13 Ways To Wear a Knit Headband

I'm always trying to find easy new ways to wear my hair with a headband. 
Here are 13 of my favorite ways! 

1) Headband Over Hair
Simply throw your headband on over your hair. This is probably the most popular way to wear a headband

2) Headband Under Hair
This is anther popular way to wear a headband. You pull the headband down to your neck and then pull it to the top your head.

3) Pony tail
Here's a cute way to wear a headband! Simply pull your hair into a pony tail and then put a headband on. This is great for keeping the hair out of your face.

4) Low Up-Do
This is a little more difficult. I put my hair into 2 loose pig tail braids and then arranged them in a low up-do with bobby pins. This hair style reminds me of the 20's.

5) Pigtail Braids
 Just separate your hair into 2 parts and braid away! 

6) Side Sock Bun
For this hair style, it's best to have wavy hair. You'll also need a sock to create your sock bun! I love this hair style for special occasions. 

7) Headband Under Messy Side-Hair
For a messier look, you can tease your hair, brush it all to the side, and then pull on your headband.

8) Headband Over Messy Side-Hair
Do the same thing as the previous style, just put the headband over your hair rather than under.

9) Side Pony Tail
This is pretty easy! Just put your headband and then pull your hair into a side pony.

10) Side Braid
I like to braid my hair to the side before I put on the headband. 

11) Sock Bun
This is like the Side Sock Bun but it is a little less fancy! Once again, you'll need a sock.

12) Pony Tail Braid
This hair style is great if you want to make a fashion statement. Put your hair in a pony tail and then fishtail braid it. 

13) Side French Braid
You'll need to be able to french braid for this hair style. I started with my hair like it was for the messy side hair. After that, I began to french braid it. 

Hope this gave you some ideas for the next time you wear a headband! What are your favorite headband hair styles? 


  1. I really like this!! I've knitted so many headbands but tend to not wear them because I didn't think they would look good with that day's hairstyle.... I will definitely try some of these looks out!! :)

  2. I'm glad you liked this blog post! :) Until recently I totally did the same thing! Hope you have fun trying out these hairstyles.


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