Monday, December 10, 2012

Tips for Knitters: Knit Gifts for the Holidays

Being a crafty person, I love to give others gifts I've hand-made myself. There are many difficulties when it comes to giving hand-made gifts.  One problem is giving people something they'll really enjoy that is actually good quality. Another problem is coming up with something that isn't too expensive (us knitters know that good quality yarn isn't cheap!). One of my major problems is coming up with something that won't take me too long. When I have over twenty people on my gift list I can't just knit them all a new blanket or a sweater. Since I give my friends a knit-gift every year, I have come up with a great list of knit gifts that are easy, quick, good quality, and reasonably priced.  Who doesn't love a good hand-made gift?

1) Knit Bows

I love knit bows because they have so many different uses. They can be used as ornaments or hair bows. You can also use them to wrap your gifts. They take up barely any yarn and they are obviously easy to make. I add lace or ribbon to mine to make them a little fancier.

Here's an easy knit bow tutorial: Knit Bow Pattern

2) Knit Mug Cozy

Knit mug cozies are another easy gift that have been very popular this year. You can make one for a normal mug or a handle-less mug. I like to buy cute mugs online and then give them as a gift with the mug cozy. 

You can find a free mug cozy pattern here: Mug Cozy Pattern 
You can find a simple free coffee sleeve pattern here: Left out of the Phase Coffee Sleeve
You can look at or purchase my mug cozies here: Lexalex Mug Cozies  

3) Knit Leg Warmers 

During the holiday season, chunk yarn and large needles are my best friends. You may think leg warmers or socks would take you far too long but I knit these leg warmers in one day. Just get some large sock needles (I use size 12.0 needles) and very chunky yarn. I like leg warmers because they are like socks but I don't have to worry about doing the heel. 

You can find a great free leg warmer pattern here: Chunky Knit Leg Warmers

4) Knit Pouch 

This cute little knit pouch can be used for many different things. It could be used as a coin purse or a sunglasses case. Just add a cute button to close it up. I knit this one with chunky turquoise yarn. 

You can find a free knit purse pattern here: Knit Purse

5) Chunky Knit Slouchy Hat

I love slouchy hat because they are an item almost all of my friends love. They are great because you can knit them with big round needles and chunky yarn so they don't take much time at all. Also, you can use up a lot of left over yarn by making striped slouchy hats and hiding the knots on the inside.

You can find a free chunky slouchy hat pattern here: Easy Slouchy Hat Pattern
You can look out or purchase my knit slouchy hats here: Lexalex Slouchy Hats

6) Knit Washcloths 

Washcloths are great knit gifts for mothers, grandmothers, or friends. Washcloth yarn is a reasonable price and you can even buy it at Walmart. I never use patterns for washcloths  because you really just have to knit a square. You can find any fun stitch pattern though and use it. 

You can find bulk washcloth yarn for sale here: Peaches and Cream Washcloth Yarn
You can find knitting stitches here: Library Of Knitting Stitches
You can find free washcloth patterns here: Washcloth Patterns
You can look and or purchase my washcloths here: Lexalex Washcloths

7) Chunky Knit Pillow

This adorable turquoise pillow only took me a few days to knit. I just knit a giant rectangle, folded it in half, sewed the edges together, and filled it with pillow stuffing. Once again, large needles and chunky yarn helped me finish this project very quickly. I've given this as a birthday gift and my friend loved it.

You can find a free pillow pattern here: Pillow Patterns
You can look at or purchase my pillows here: Lexalex Pink and Turquoise Pillow

8) Knit Headbands

Knit headbands are quickly to make and there are many different ways to knit them. Headbands are the main thing I sell at my Etsy Store. They make such great gifts. 

You can find free headband patterns here: Headband Patterns
You can look at or purchase my knit headbands here: Lexalex Knit Headband

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