Friday, March 1, 2013

Tips for Knitters: What To Knit During Spring/Summer

Part 1: Clothes and Accessories
During spring and summer, I often get knitter's block. Without the chilly weather to inspire me to knit hats and headbands, I tend to knit less. This year, I've come up with a simple list of things to knit that I can wear all spring and summer.

1) Knit Tank Top 
This lovely tank top only took me a day to knit! Not only can this tank top be dressed up, but it can also be used as a swimsuit cover up! 
You can find out how I knit this here: Lexalex: Knit Tank Top

2) Light Knit Slouchy Hat
I don't know about you, but I enjoy wearing hats all year round! Summon your inner hipster and knit some summery hats! 

You can find a summer slouchy hat pattern here:

3) Light Knit Shirt
I knit this light shirt last year and wore it on warm days. Though this may be a longer project, it will be worth it in the end!

You can find a shirt pattern similar to this here:

4) Knit Bracelets 
These knit bracelets are so easy and will complete any summer/spring outfit! I knit a bunch in lovely pastel colors and added some fun buttons!

You can see more picture of these bracelets I knit here: Lexalex: Knit Bracelets
You can find the inspiration for my knit bracelets here:

5) Light Knit Shawl
I knit this shawl last year for a spring formal and it was perfect! Knit shawls are great for summer/spring since you can wear them to weddings and other formal events.

You can check out more pictures of this shawl here: Lexalex: Knit Shawl
You can find a knit shawl pattern here:

6) Knit Flower Headband
This cute headband was super easy to make and can be worn all spring and summer. For the flower, I just knit a circle with left over yarn and added a button.

You can find a summery headband pattern here:
You can fin a knit flower pattern here:

7) Light Knit Scarf
I loves scarves and during spring I often knit light scarves in pastel colors. I also like to pair my scarves with floral patterns to make them feel more summery!

You can find a light knit scarf pattern here:
You can find inspiring scarf pictures here:
Though some of you may not like wearing scarves after winter, I hope these links will inspire you!

8) Knit Bow Headband
This headband is similar to the one before, except it has a bow rather than a flower. This headband would make a great gift for Easter and would look lovely with a spring dress.

You can find a bow headband pattern here:
You can find another bow headband pattern here:

 9) Knit Hair Bows
 Who doesn't love wearing pretty hair bows? These little bows are so easy to knit and they look great in your hair all through spring and summer. 

You can find a bow pattern here:
You can find inspiring hair bow ideas here:
If you like sock buns, then you should check out this cool pattern:

10) Knit Purse
I recently knit this rainbow cross-body purse with some left over yarn I had. I used some simple acrylic yarn to knit this and it worked great. I want to knit a bigger one for the beach!

You can find a knit purse pattern here:
You can find another pattern here:

I hope these ideas inspired you to knit some lovely spring/summer clothes and accessories!


  1. these are all great ideas... I am lusting over the tanks and the shirt, so cute!

  2. Thank you for sharing..I too like to knit in the summer. I think I am going to try to knit a few Christmas gifts during the summer months....fingerless towels ect..small knitting:) :)

  3. Thanks! Glad you guys enjoyed this post. I loveee knitting fingerless gloves! So cute. :)


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