Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tips for Knitters: What To Do With Leftover Yarn (Part 2)

Since I've had so much left-over yarn, I've been trying out some new ideas. I hope these ideas and pictures will inspire you to try new things!

1) Yarn Backdrop
Lately I've been using yarn garlands as backdrops for my photo shoots. It's easy and adds lots of color. If you want some more types of yarn backdrops, check out Pinterest!

2) Yarn Braid
This lovely braid was very easy to do! You can find my tutorial on doing a yarn braid here: YarnBraid

3) Knit Bracelets
I love knitting these simple bracelets with my leftover yarn. You can knit all sorts of colors to go with every outfit. 

4) Summer Headbands
I've knit bunches of these headbands for spring and summer. They don't require lots of yarn or fancy patterns. 

 5) Yarn Picture Frame
I did this during my spare time and I ended up loving it. Though it's a time consuming project, it's pretty simple to do. 

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