Friday, July 12, 2013

Long Hair Tips: 7 Things I DON'T Do to My Hair

Lately I've really loved my bangs. Also, my hair is finally longer than it was before I cut off my tips. So many people ask how I get my hair so long. It's not really about what I do, it's more about what I DON'T do! 

Here are 7 things I DON'T do to my hair: 

1) I don't blow dry my hair (except for like twice a year). 
2) I don't use a curling iron or straightener (I always put it in curlers or a bun to curl it)
3) I don't wash it everyday (only every other day)
4) I rarely use hair product in it (no nasty gel or spray)
5) I don't dye it (I did do my tips once but NEVER my roots)
6) I don't tease my hair 
7) I don't brush my hair more than once (maybe twice) a day 

I think these are the reasons my hair has no problem growing! I realize that these things can't always be avoided though. Sometime you just need to use your blow dryer so you don't go to work with wet hair! Sometimes you have to tame the frizz with those hair products. Sometimes your bangs decide to stick out and you need your straightener. 

Here are some simple steps to take: 

1) Put your blow dryer on low heat 
2) Start experimenting with no-heat curling methods
3) Try showering with your hair up when you don't need to wash it
4) Find some more natural hair products that won't kill your hair
5) Embrace your natural hair color
6) Try flipping your hair down and use light hair spray to get volume 
7) If you're having a tangly hair day but want to avoid brushing, put it in a messy bun until the next day

I encourage you to do your hair a favor and be lazy every once in a while. Let your hair air dry when you get the chance. Try out all those cool no-heat curling methods. Embrace your natural hair color. Give yourself and your hair a break. 

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