Saturday, November 16, 2013

Tips for Knitters: Knit Gift Wrapping

With Christmas approaching quickly, I thought I would do a post on knit gift wrapping. Last year I did a post on knit gifts for the holidays which you can find here:

I love giving knit gifts but you can only give so many knit gifts. Sometimes you want to give someone cookies, or shoes for a change. Just because you aren't actually knitting a gift doesn't mean you can't use your knitting skills to beautifully wrap your gifts. Here are some creative ways to incorporate knitting with your gift wrapping!

1) Knit Clutch

This little bag is great for small gifts. You can stick some simple things in here like candy or nail polish. I sewed a button on the inside so it can snap shut like a purse. This is not only gift wrapping but it doubles as a clutch/wallet. 

 2) Knit Gift Bag

This knit bag is so easy to knit. The one in the picture only took my an hour to knit and sew. You can stick almost anything in here. I particularly like to use these bags for giving coffee or tea as a gift. 

3) Knit Jar Cozy

Giving something in a jar as a gift? Knit a cozy for it! I decorated mine with lace and buttons. You could also fill an empty jar with things like candy canes or pencils.

4) Knit Bow Garland

I used this bow garland in place of ribbon. It looks lovely on gifts and can be reused for many things. 

5) Knit 'Wrapping Paper'

It may seem like a strange idea but it actually works perfect for wrapping breakable items. In the picture below, I wrapped a little glass cup in knit 'wrapping paper'. 

6) Knit Bow Ornaments

I've used this idea in other posts. You can wrap little boxes with bows and they can double as ornaments or hair bows. You could knit any kind of ornament and use it to wrap another gift. (Some other ornament ideas include round ornaments, mini santa hats, knit snowmen, etc.)

Do you have any cool holiday knitting tips you'd like to share?

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  1. These are really cute! What kind of/brand of yarn did you use?


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