Thursday, January 23, 2014

Finished Sweater

I finally finished my sweater! It really didn't take long, I just put off finishing the sleeves. The sleeves were my enemy! I do love how it turned out. I used bamboo yarn which is extremely soft! I could wear this sweater all the time.


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    1. Sorry I didn't really follow a pattern for this, or else I'd share it!

  2. Did you knit this flat and sew seams? By the way, I've become borderline obsessed with your blog, I'm in grade eleven and have been knitting for a couple of years now and your blog always gives me such great ideas about what my next project might be. I'm currently working on a tardis blue tri-cable sweater worked flat, but it's pretty slow going.

    1. I knit this in the round for the bottom - then I divided it into two sections and kept knitting. I sewed the tops together for the shoulders and then picked up stitches with double pointed needles for the sleeves (Hope that makes sense!)

      So glad you're enjoying my blog! I really appreciate the comment :)
      A tardis blue sweater sound amazing!


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