Monday, May 12, 2014

Hand-painted Teacup

I recently went to a place with my friend and we painted our very own teacups! I absolutely love how they turned out.

This morning I enjoyed my gluten-free lemon bars and Spicely Tulsi Chai in my new teacup.

Can I take a moment just to explain to you how amazing this Tulsi Chai tea is?
It is caffeine-free yet a very rich and smooth brew. Also, the list of health benefits is amazing.

Tulsi is stress-relieving, aids restful sleep, aids digestion, helps with headaches, helps maintain healthy eyesight, can prevent kidney stones, improves the immune system, helps prevent colds, fights gum disease, helps with bad breath, and the list goes on!

I'm going to start drinking a cup of this every day before bed. It not only has amazing health benefits but tastes lovely!

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