Monday, November 24, 2014

How To Avoid 'Headband Hair'

I cannot begin to tell you how many times I've put on a headband, left the house, and then discovered a few hours later that my hair looks ridiculous.

You headband-wearers know what I'm talking about- when you're hair starts to scrunch up or stick out.

Well I've discovered a solution. You don't have to avoid knit headbands any longer.

1) Start off with your hair styled the way you like it
(I went with wavy) 

2) Grab some bobby pins
(4 or more)

3) On one side, grab your top layer of hair

4) Bobby pin this layer of hair down 

5) Repeat on the other side

 6) I use 2 bobby pins on each side to ensure my hair stays down

7) Grab your headband of choice

8) Carefully pull headband on, covering up the bobby pins

9) Push headband up to make sure no hair sticks up 
(If it does, remove headband and pin that hair down. You may need to bobby pin the back layer of hair down as well as the sides)

10) All done and ready to fearlessly go out in public!

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