Friday, January 2, 2015

Self Portrait Tips

Decided to start 2015 off with some self-portraits.
My mother calls me the master of selfies. 

Here are some tips on how I do my self portraits

1) I stand in front of a window 
No matter the lighting, my pictures always turn out best when I'm standing in front of a window 

2) I have the camera looking down at me
My pictures typically turn out the most flattering when the camera is angled looking down at me

3) I take multiple pictures in the same position
I do this because sometimes I really love the angle and position I'm in - but I moved or the camera wasn't focussed right. Also, the lighting can change. So always take a few pictures in each position. 

4) I don't pose as if I'm taking a picture
When I take my self portraits, I try not to act like I'm posing for a picture. A natural look is often best. When I smile, I pretend I'm smiling at a person not a camera. 

5) I take hundreds of photos but only keep a few
I'm not afraid to snap hundred of pictures in a matter of 30 minutes. It's a pain to sort through them but every single picture is different -the more you have, the more chance you'll take a perfect portrait

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