Friday, June 8, 2012

Gift Wrapping: Lexalex Style

I've always loved gift wrapping. I often save leftover yarn to use for wrapping. Using yarn and hand knitted bows gives gifts a unique look. Here's how I wrap my gifts!

You will need: 2 or 3 different colors of yarn
        a hand-knitted bow
             brown wrapping paper

1) Take three long strands of yarn and begin to braid them together

2) Wrap the gift in brown wrapping paper

3) Tie braided yarn and knitted bow around the wrapped gift

4) Add a homemade card (putting time into the gift and card shows them you care)

That's how I like to wrap gifts! I got the idea for my homemade card while looking at this great Etsy store: Thistleandweed. Also, for those who don't knit, I will be selling my hand-knit bows on Etsy this holiday season. So if you would like to make your Christmas gifts adorable and unique, make sure you check out my Etsy store in the fall or winter. 

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