Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Knitted Plant Cozy

 I've always hated this sickly green pot that has sat in my room for ages, just waiting to be thrown away. Today I took one look at it and knew something must be done. I thought of painting it or decorating it. I contemplated just buying a new pot.  I was close to chucking it in the nearest trashcan when I realized that I was being beaten by a measly little pot. I couldn't let this happen. So I instinctively grabbed my knitting needles and began knitting, hardly knowing what I was doing. The end result? A beautiful, colorful little cozy. I put it around the ugly pot and immediately it transformed into a lovely place for my plant to grow. I think too often we throw away decor in out houses before we give it a second chance. So today I challenge you to find that ugly thing in your house that has been haunting you. Redecorate it, revamp it, put it somewhere new, make it look like new! Don't be beaten by a measly little pot! 


  1. Wow looks great! Love that yarn too.

  2. Thanks! It was a fun and easy project.


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