Saturday, May 18, 2013

Tips for Knitters: Knitting Photography Tips

Ever since I started knitting, I've loved taking pictures of all my projects. Over the years I've learned more about photography and I've come up with a great list of tips. 

I hope this post will encourage you knitters to share what you knit with the world through photography!

1) Convey Texture

Try to accurately convey the texture of your yarn/knitting project in your photography! I want the viewer to look at the yarn and imagine how it feels. One way to really achieve this, is to sharpen your pictures while editing them. Sharpening the pics will make the texture stand out. Also try taking some close-ups! 

I use Aperture to edit my pics but if you want a free editing website go here: is a beautiful craft blog with amazing knitting photography. There are many close ups of the knitting projects so you really can imagine the texture of the yarn.

2) Get the Perfect Lighting

Lighting is very important...for ALL photography! When it comes to photographing my knitting projects, I try to have nice, natural lighting. Make sure you experiment with different light. has lots of knitting photography. In this blog post, you'll see how they used the lighting to really accentuate a lovely lace shawl.

3) Model Your Knitted Items

If your knitted item is wearable (I would say most are!), then one way to portray it is by using a model. Use someone that would actually wear your item. Even model it yourself, if you dare! By modeling an item rather than photographing it flat, you get a sense of it's shape and size.  has stunning photography with gorgeous models.
I also love brooklyntweed's photography. Their models seem like everyday people and their knitting projects are beautiful, yet practical.

4) Use Simple Backgrounds and Matching Props

When you photograph your knitting project, try to use simple backgrounds so people can focus on the knitting. You can also use props while photographing your knitting. Try to use props that match your knitting projects (ex. blue yarn with a blue tea cup).

On this blog,, Meredith takes pictures of her crocheted and knitted items. Her pictures are very eye-catching and she uses lots of props. She has an inspiring style that you should check out!

5) Try Different Angles

Try different angles while photographing your knitted item/project. Try getting a close up or a view from above. Experiment until your item is portrayed in a unique way that you prefer., is a creative blog with bunches of photographs of knitting projects. They are taken at many different angles and the lighting is perfect.

6) Take Pictures of Your Knitting Supplies

One things I like to do before I begin to knit something (that I plan to take pictures of), is photograph all the supplies I'm going to use. Arrange the yarn, needles, scissors, buttons, or anything else you'll use and take pictures of them. I love to see how a pile of things later becomes a beautiful knitted item like a sweater of a scarf!

This blog post by Knit & Style Diary has some great pictures of yarn and knitting supplies.

7) Show Your Knitting In Action

I love looking at pictures of projects as they are in the process of being knit. I often take pictures of my projects partially finished. I also take pictures of myself knitting.

I absolutely adore the photography on They take pictures of their projects while they are being knit. I love to see knitting in action!

8) Find You Own Personal Style

If you haven't already, try to find your own personal photography style. I'm not saying all your pictures have to look alike, but you can make sure they reflect your style. If you plan to share the pictures on your blog or on Pinterest, you will attract more people if it's eye catching and unique. Also, make sure to edit your pictures. 

Here is an inspiring Pinterest board full of knitting photos:
You can also follow my Knitting Pinterest board here:

  Keep these tips in mind while you photograph your item/project and I'm sure that your pictures will be inspiring!


  1. Thank you! I just started a knitting blog and want to showcase my knitting but don't really have a great backdrop and its just been hard finding a nice way to showcase my knitting.I end up putting my knitting on top of some brown butcher paper just to show it. Also my apartment doesn't really get a lot of great lighting, do you have any tips on getting better lighting? Thank you :)

    1. You're welcome! I always have trouble with lighting as well. If you want really nice backgrounds, try buying poster board at a craft store (I use white poster board since white backgrounds makes pictures look brighter). You can just set the poster board on the floor and take pictures from above. I also use tin foil to reflect light from a window onto my knitting. If you ever can, taking pictures outside it always good too. Do you edit your pictures? If you want, you could also try using (a free editing web site) to brighten your pics! Hope that's helpful! :)


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