Monday, October 27, 2014

Gluten-Free Mini Blueberry Pies

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So a few days ago I attempted to make a cobbler. I used a gluten-free flour without looking at the ingredients- which was a big mistake. Have you ever tried garbanzo bean flour? It tastes like death. So I made this cobble and it not only looked amazing but smelled amazing! I dished it up with ice cream, super excited to eat it. I took a big bite was awful. It was inedible. It tasted like I had made cobbler with a nasty bean crust that overtook all the other flavors. I had added so much sugar- and it didn't do a thing to mask the nasty garbanzo bean flour of death. So I threw out the whole cobbler. And I've been apologizing to my family for days since it took hours to get rid of the bean flavor in our mouths.

SO in an attempt to redeem myself, I made these pies. I took my time and made them with love. They are delicious.

Have you ever had a major baking disaster? I would love to hear!

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