Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tips for Knitters: What To Do With Leftover Yarn

Whenever I knit, I always have small piles of yarn leftover. I used to be horrible and throw away small pieces of yarn without a second thought. Then when I realized how much yarn I was probably wasting, I did some experimenting until I found some great ways to use the left over yarn.

If you knit or crochet then these helpful tips are for you. Stop wasting your yarn and start creating!

1) Knit a rainbow infinity scarf. 
I save all my longer stands of  yarn until I have enough to knit an infinity scarf. Right before you run out of yarn, tie on a new color and hide the knot inside.

 2) Wrap your yarn around a bottle or jar
You have probably seen this before but it really is an easy and cute thing to do. It take 5 seconds to turn an old jar or bottle into a beautiful vase. 

 3) Knit a plant pot cozy
These are great if you have a little more yarn. I often knit these when I don't quite have enough yarn for a headband. These cozies can also double as jar cozies. 

4) Use leftover yarn to tie tags to gifts and such
I use yarn for this purpose all the time. For every knitted thing I sell on my Etsy store, I tie a tag on it with matching yarn. It's really cute and keeps you from spending money on ribbon. 

5) Wrap gifts with yarn
Last year I wrapped all my Christmas gifts with brown paper, buttons, yarn, and knit bows. I got so many compliments on how cute the wrapping was

6) Knit little bows
You don't need much yarn to knit these adorable little bows! You simply knit a small rectangle and wrap yarn around the middle. These can be used for gift wrapping, Christmas ornaments, or you can wear them in your hair. 

7) Use left over yarn for hanging things
In my room I have many decorations I made myself. These pretty paper cranes hang above my bed and are tied with white yarn. You can use small pieces of yarn for hanging things like these cranes, Christmas ornaments, paper snowflakes, and much more. Be creative. 

8) Use left over yarn as a garland
Last Christmas I found some pretty textured yarn I had left over and used as a garland on my tree. It's a simple and cute use for leftover yarn.


  1. wow nice ideas
    I am a creative person but my creativity doesn't cease in one thing only I have always been a Multi-tasker all my life. I have been writing, reading, painting, stitching, knitting, doing makeup and now blogging. You can call me "Jack of all trades...but mind it I mastered them too:) When Winters comes my eyes wanna search for colourful yarn/wool and my hands crave to hold the knitting needles and knit something with those colorful yarn/wool, although I can not knit like a pro but still the much I can do, all with the help my own instincts, satisfies my Winter cravings and warms me up through the chilly breeze. To Know More Read More!!!

  2. Thank you! I took a look at your blog and followed it! :)


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